Much has already been discussed about the Canon 5D mkIV. Many critics have commented on the shortcomings of the video or the lack of modern initiatives like internal image stabilisation or electronic viewfinder (looking at you Tony Northrup). In my review I do not intend to conduct a series of […]

I thought I should post my musings in regards to the various offerings of relatively cheap professional cameras and discuss what I see as the pros and cons of each piece of gear. These advantages and disadvantages are not meant to be comprehensive and mainly relate to how I would […]

Australian brand Rode have regularly been the staple audio option for Indie (aka poor) videographers. Combining decent quality at a price that suits a tight budget it’s no wonder that gear like the Rode Videomic and the Rode NTG series of shotgun mics have become really popular all around the […]

After much speculation and rumours Canon has announced their newest full-frame camera – the Canon 5Ds. The show stopping feature is, of course, the 50.6MP CMOS sensor. This means that the Canon 5Ds may be seen as a direct competitor to medium format cameras like the Hasselblad H5D-50C, Phase One […]


Kym and Chris’ Wedding

I was approached by Kym and Chris to record their wedding about three weeks before the event, which transpired on the 20th September 2014. I like to be flexible for my clients as I understand that having a videographer is not always the chief priority of a couple getting married (though […]

Despite what Tony Northrup says I am very keen on using the recently announced Pentax 645Z for wedding photography. There are several reasons why I think this 51MP beast could be a valuable camera for wedding photographers. Firstly I think the body has an appealing price point. For less than […]

Over the last year a couple of well known photographers have faced stern criticism and public condemnation for plagiarizing blog posts from other websites. Posing guru Doug Gordon was the first outed in June 2013 when it was discovered that several of his posts had been lifted in no small part […]